Coffee with Wrike. And Remote Working Tips! Session1

11 days agoMarch 18, 2020
Thank you for sharing! This is great!
Mark Jackson
11 days agoMarch 18, 2020
Great tips at the right time.  Thanks.
11 days agoMarch 18, 2020
Does this exist with subtitles?
11 days agoMarch 18, 2020
I appreciate the time and information provided from all speakers.
I wanted to comment about Sara's method of delivery. I appreciate the calm, slow, steady manner with lower pitch in your voice in the presentation. As the coronavirus pandemic is upon us and tensions rising, it is nice to have information presented on working remotely in that comforting, calm voice. It enhanced my internal reception of the message. Great information from all speakers.  Thanks!
11 days agoMarch 18, 2020
10 days agoMarch 18, 2020
Thanks for the awesome webinar. Perfect timing!
9 days agoMarch 19, 2020
Great job. One of my grandsons is doing online Kindergarten.
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